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About North Georgia Shepherds's Long Coat (Long Haired) German Shepherds:
Long Coat (long Haired) German Shepherd Breeder and World Class German Shepherd Breeder
High Quality Showline German Shepherds from Top World Champion Lines
World Class German Shepherd puppies for sale and long coat German Shepherd puppies for sale in North Georgia
All of our breeding German Shepherds are Health Tested/Hip and Elbow rated by OFA and DM tested
World Class Long coated German Shepherds
World Class Long coat (long haired) German Shepherds Imported from Germany in the Chattahoochee National Forest (North Georgia Mountains)
Welcome to North Georgia Long Coat German Shepherds. We are a Long Coat German Shepherd breeder located in North Georgia. Our longcoat (longhaired) German Shepherd dogs come from West German Show Lines and World Champion Lines. Our long coat German Shepherd puppies for sale are registered with the American Kennel Club or the German SV (pink papers). Prior to breeding all of our German Shepherd dogs are Hip and Elbow rated by OFA, PennHip, or the SV, and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) Tested (no German Shepherd rated "at risk" for DM will be bred).
longhaired German Shepherd
A pair of World Class Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs in the North Georgia Mountains near a lake.
long coat German Shepherd Female Puppy herding training
world class long coat German Shepherd Puppy Learning to Herd Sheep (granddaughter of World Champion VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag)
Our North Georgia longcoat German Shepherds enjoy playing, swimming, going for car rides, coming with us into stores, hiking with us, etc. All of our German Shepherd dogs are healthy, handled and played with daily.

Check our Available Page for our Current and Up-Coming Litters of Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in North Georgia. Deposits are taken after the litter is born to ensure that you get what you are looking for. Our longcoat German Shepherd Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

Videos of our World Class German Shepherds (Long coat / Long Haired German Shepherds) of North Georgia Shepherds
long coat German Shepherds in the Snow
North Georgia World Class Long Haired German Shepherds in the Snow
Long Haired Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs

Long Coat German Shepherds Common Names:
Long Haired German Shepherds, Long Coat German Shepherds, Coated German Shepherds, Long Stock Coat German Shepherds, and Plush Coated German Shepherds

Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs are not different than standard coat German Shepherds, besides the coats. Long Coat German Shepherds are purebred German Shepherd Dogs that carry a recessive long coat gene. Long Coat German Shepherds will sometimes have an undercoat; these types are called long stock coat German Shepherds. Others will have only one coat; these often have a much softer coat than the double coated German Shepherds. Double coated / standard coat German Shepherd Dogs' fur is much more waterproof than the long coat (single coat) German Shepherds' fur.

SG4 Vaby vom Fichtenschlag
World Class Long Haired (Long Coat) German Shepherd Dogs in the North Carolina Mountains
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